come true





the hideout
sing your
let nature
where luxury
off the grid.
they call it 'glamping'...
we call it 'home'.
in cool rain.
shower yourself
in a world
become lost
of green.
it's called nature.
you keep hearing?


  the nature

     and local culture...


There is a secret waiting for you
A refuge…an oasis…a sanctuary
Tucked away from the World that you know
Built from nature’s bounty, by those who call it Home
Where the only sounds you’ll hear
are the music of the jungle and sea
And the only fear you’ll have
Is missing a single moment of it
Step back in time, away from your World
to the hidden one that was made for You.

Away from the World.

(Brooke Burgess, December 2016)

Our Hideouts

Simplicity, comfort, luxury, and tranquility … NATURALLY!

All of our Thai-style lodges are constructed with eco-friendly building materials from local sources and crowned with natural palm leaf roofs. Designed with organic simplicity in mind, they are crafted to the highest quality and comfort standards in the region, striking the precious balance between open-air living, privacy and tropical luxury.

Spacious beam-work, three exposed faces with bamboo blinds and an open-air bathroom inspire a strong sense of immersion with your surroundings, complete with breathtaking views of our lush, tree-lined grounds and the sparkling waters of Phang Nga Bay.

We deliberately do not offer the typical modern distractions of in-room television or WIFI, affording our treasured guests the unique opportunity to truly surrender to the experience of nature and beauty as intended.

At The Island Hideout, we stand by the belief that the symphony of jungle wildlife, the song of wind in the trees and the whispers of waves against our island shores are the best medicine for your senses!

Key Features

  • 700 sqf/60sqm open floor plan
  • Ocean and/or jungle views from every angle
  • Luxurious king-size bed
  • Open-air bathroom
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  • Handcrafted natural bath products
  • Drinking water replenished daily
  • Thai traditional Sarong
  • No Electricity
  • Cold water rain shower
open floor plan ...
... immerse with your surroundings
simplicity, comfort, luxury, and tranquility …

An Unplugged Get-Away

We travelled the world, searching for the perfect place to build a dream. Not a sprawling luxury resort or pre-packaged getaway. Not another sterile ‘fine dining’ vacation. We yearned for something magical. Something more. And it was on a tiny, pristine isle in Southeast Asia that it finally revealed itself.

Are your days full of flashing lights, and billboards, and buzzing gadgets?
Are you feeling trapped by crowds, and traffic, and grey office walls?
Are you sleepwalking in a world that’s frozen, disposable, and mass-produced?

Not more sprawling resorts or pre-packaged getaways. Not more concrete boxes or ‘faux cuisine’. Not more of the things you hoped to leave behind.
Then awaken to one where the tastes are fresh and authentic.
Where all that you see and touch works with the environment.
Where everything is lovingly crafted by hands that serve tradition.
Beauty. Tranquility. Culture. Sustainability. Magic.

An oasis of sunshine, and jungle, and birdsong.
A sanctuary of trees, and rolling sea, and starlight.
A refuge, crafted by caring hands that serve tradition.
Where the buzz of electricity is a distant memory.
Where candles will light the dark.
Where the senses delight in all things fresh and authentic.
Where the land is a treasured friend, and the hosts feel like family.

A new kind of luxury. A Southeast Asian Shangri La. A singular travel experience.
The secret to More…is less.
The Island Hideout — Away from the World.

The Hideout Restaurant

Our Farm-to-Table Restaurant and the main house are located on top of the hill, ensuring stunning views of the south-western peninsula and the Phang Nga Bay. The Hideout features memorable sunrise and sunset views.

We source all of the resort’s menu from local and organic sources, prepare and cook traditionally (via open fire within our handmade wood burning oven/grill), and offer a powerful blend of healing, empowering, and enzyme-rich foods. We take you on a tasteful journey where Thai cuisine and traditions meet western gourmets, mingling to create a mouth-watering dining experience to transform the way you experience eating – hopefully for years to come. We also cater to special diets, such as halal, vegetarian, and vegan.

Dinner is served under the light of candles and stars, the perfect ambience to enjoy our delicious dishes made with fresh natural locally sourced ingredients.

Our employees are sourced through local residents, who will welcome you to their home.

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