About The Island Hideout


The Hideout is for those of us longing to find personal balance, experience the raw beauty of nature and deepen our bonds with family, romantic partners and – most importantly – with Ourselves.

The Hideout provides an atmosphere of tropical luxury – comfortable accommodation, gourmet dining, wellness and mindfulness programs, and undisturbed natural beauty – fused with Koh Yao’s pristine jungle environment and its wonderfully warm people.

Immersing the core concept of The Hideout in Koh Yao’s environmental and cultural bounty will surely have a profound and positive effect on all those graced by it.



A stay in The Hideout goes far beyond a “wellness vacation”.
Our goal is not to eliminate stress – that’s virtually impossible in todays hectic and demanding world.

Rather, we will guide and encourage our guests to monitor, manage and then utilize everyday tension to enable a positive shift in lifestyle.

We have composed custom retreat programs to provide the biggest benefits and ensure lasting stress-relief strategies for our guests.

We employ a simple 5-part approach to stress management, which combines outdoor activities, mindfulness programs, guided yoga and breath mediation, holistic massages, reiki, tuning forks, sonic therapy, a natural diet, and experiences.

1. Relaxation

We see relaxation as an active mental process which, when practiced daily, produces an enduring calm, and a more energized state of being. We offer “Pure Me-Time” – time for yourself without any distractions – so you can re-discover what is of real importance in your life, and what helps you be well. Activities supporting relaxation may be amongst others: mindfulness programs, guided yoga, breath meditation, healing massage, sound healing, and art therapy.

2. Physical Exercise

Modern science shows without a doubt that moving the body helps us to manage stress more effectively, depleting stress hormones (cortisol) and boosting mood-enhancing chemicals (serotonin). During your stay, you‘ll be able to explore a variety of engaging activities unique to the area, including nature hikes, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and Thai kickboxing.

3. Cultural Exchange and a Return to Nature

The island community – a regional mix of Buddhist, Muslim and Malayan fishing cultures – radiate an effortless joy in everyday living. To join in and maybe even learn from these different cultures is part of our concept. Our long-standing presence in the island community allows for deeper insight into Koh Yao Noi‘s environmental and cultural experience. Plentiful opportunities for coastal excursions (sailing and fishing), plantation tours (rice and rubber), and classes with local artisans (painters, woodworkers, and chefs) make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Healthy, Organic Nutrition

We source all of the resort’s menu from local and organic farms, prepare and cook traditionally (via open fire within our handmade wood burning oven/grill), and offer a powerful blend of healing, empowering, and enzyme-rich foods to transform the way you experience eating…hopefully for years to come.

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