Blog Post

14 Mar

Construction Progress

Dearest friends and supporters,

Many years have passed since our dream of THE ISLAND HIDEOUT first took root. For us, it was a vision of unparalleled natural beauty, built on a foundation of sustainability and responsible tourism. A true oasis for the body, mind, and spirit, nestled a world away from the stresses of modern life. An eco-friendly haven that both supported and celebrated the treasured culture surrounding it.

So, when we publicly shared our plan almost one year ago, we had no idea what to expect as a response. And when the crowd-funding campaign went live, we committed to staying focused on modest goals, and kept our secret hopes in check. But when all was said and done, and the campaign was over..?

We were absolutely overwhelmed. By your excitement. By your engagement. And by your generosity!

Since that time, we may have appeared ‘quiet’ to outside eyes. But the truth is we have been very, very busy on our remote jungle hill atop Koh Yao Noi. As our hand-picked team of craftsmen, engineers, and artisans rallied to our side, work on the resort began in earnest. From the start, everyone involved was passionate about creating a special place that made the gentlest impact on the surrounding environment. As the foundation work began, and the framework took shape, and the days of careful construction became weeks and then months, we grew more and more amazed by the gifts we had been given — the wealth of sustainable local resources, the talent and dedication of our island crew, and the ingenious ways the two combined to result in something far more than we could’ve hoped for.

In a few short months, we hope to be ready. Ready to receive the first of our benefactors and guests. Ready to share the sweet fruits of our labors in this tiny corner of Southeast Asian paradise. But don’t take mere words for it. Because we tend to agree that pictures can speak a thousand of them. And if that’s true, then we have an entire book of ‘words’ to share with you below!

We hope that you enjoy this short peek behind the leafy emerald curtain surrounding our site. There’s some serious magic happening up here, and we couldn’t keep it from you any longer. With each day that passes, the dream we had those many years ago — the dream of THE ISLAND HIDEOUT — moves closer and closer to becoming reality.

And we have so many of you to thank for it.

Anita, Bay, Jan and Yad