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14 Oct

Massive Thanks and Construction Update

Welcome to the first update from The Island Hideout campaign!

First, we’d like to offer apologies for the delay in updates, but we’ve been very busy getting the project underway and putting your incredible funding support to good use! Things were a bit slow to start due to monsoon rains and the irregular burning-season haze blanketing Southeast Asia, but we’re now making some excellent headway and thought it was an ideal time to share a report with our most important partners: You!

Our hard-working construction team — a mix of skilled Koh Yao island tradesmen and their diligent Burmese support crew — already have the foundations in place for the key structures at the resort. The kitchen and main hall are quickly taking shape with sustainable local materials, and the guest rooms are well underway. Primary water systems are proceeding as planned, as are electric and responsible waste management systems. Our team even went above and beyond (in the face of weather that would shut down most western construction projects) to break ground on The Island Hideout’s stylish swimming pool centerpiece!

Stay tuned to this space for more exciting updates from the build. Most importantly, we plan to showcase the people involved, as they’re the key ingredients in making this project such a special one — our island friends, mentors, elders and children that have truly become family to us, as we unite to make this beautiful dream a reality for all of The Island Hideout guests to come!

Anita, Yad, Bay and Jan