Support our Crowdfunding Campaign for Sustainability!

Do you like our concept and this beautiful island?


Do you share in our passion for natural beauty and for sustainable, responsible tourism?


By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you can play a vital role in making THE ISLAND HIDEOUT truly ‘world class’ in every way.


With you taking part in our project we will be able to create an amazing eco-friendly and sustainable place. We will be able to reach significant goals (e.g. establish a full water cycle and to power the entire resort by the sun).


Let us prove together that a successful business can be environmentally conscious, culturally respectful, and have positive social impact!

Drop your baggage, exhale and get to know the real YOU again!

THE ISLAND HIDEOUT will be the ideal refuge from stress and modern distractions.


Your days will pass in bliss and balance – whether they’re spent surrendering to a hammock on a breezy deck, basking in the sun at poolside, or embarking on thrilling excursions on land and sea, your peace of mind and body is our goal.